Shelly. Shelly Jo. Mama.

Shelly - Lynchburg Mama


Those are the three names that I most frequently answer to (although, I’ve been called plenty of others!). Feel free to call me as you see fit.

Warning:  I am (at times) very sarcastic, smart-assy, witty and full of myself. I don’t quite cuss like a sailor but I admit that shit is one word I use like I breathe. I like crude humor and laugh at things that I probably shouldn’t. Laughter is my way of dealing with the shitty things in life. I love drinking Tequila and cooking with Jack Daniel Whiskey. I also like guns and eat animals. So there, you’ve been warned. If you’re easily offended, you should probably click the ‘X’ in the corner!


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As the old sayin’ goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I was actually raised in a village. Ashmore, Illinois (population 781) to be exact. We lived in a big farm house, raised all kinds of animals including cows, pigs, chickens, geese, pheasants, rabbits and even turkins (half chicken, half turkey) and the house was positioned across the highway from what was once a mental asylum. It is now known as Ashmore Estates – and it’s pretty creepy stuff. Growing up in South-Central Illinois also has the typical jokes about being a “child of the corn”. Our house was surrounded by corn but I think that after moving at age 14, I narrowly escaped becoming one of “them“. But, you never know!

Ashmore Estates Ashmore, IL

Half way through my freshman year of high school, my parents moved us to Manchester, Tennessee (famously known for the Bonnaroo Festival). I finished with decent grades – a 3.8 GPA and in the top 100 of my class of about 400. I wasn’t one of those blessed kids who knew the answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?“. My mom wanted me to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse in the military and a lot of my friends wanted to be teachers. I started out with a plan of being a nurse (military or civilian) but when I found out the waiting list for nursing school was 3 years out, I axed that plan and stepped into the shoes of my best friend who was going to become a teacher. After substituting for a few weeks, I discovered that teaching wasn’t going to be my gig, either.

Originally, my plan was to join the military but I had a boyfriend who convinced me that I’d never return for him. I enrolled at the local community college with a full schedule and worked 40+ hours/week as a waitress. I ended up pregnant with my first son in the Summer between freshman and sophomore year which fueled my decision to drop out.

So started my journey into motherhood……..


This beautiful, blue eyed little boy arrived in April of 2004. Isaiah loves to play baseball, fish, hunt, ride his bike, work on the farm and enjoy the outdoors. I practically have to drag him inside every day!

Two years later……


I was blessed with another bundle of joy (who ended up with my beautiful green eyes!) with this boy! Aidan loves books, Minecraft, creating mini comic books, riding his bike and playing baseball and football. His sense of humor keeps me in stitches!

In the Fall of 2006, I met Patrick – the man who changed our lives forever! We married in 2013 and I gained two stepchildren, Tyler and Ashleigh, too. We do well working together, especially in the kitchen, and on our farm. We started out with 25 chickens from the boys’ 4-H program and have now grown to a farm full of 80+ chickens, 2 pigs, 5 rabbits and a dog. We have reverted to a lot of “old school” ways of life such as raising our own food, making a lot of our meals from scratch, etc. We love spending as much time as possible together as a family, vacationing and being at the ball field (baseball and football!).



By no means am I near becoming a Professional Blogger but I do enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my quaint, Southern life with y’all. You’re going to find posts about our farm life, recipes, youth sports and family. I hope to learn a lot about my readers so please be sure to comment, share and let me know what you want to see more of – I take every suggestion to heart!

By day, I work for a local, family-owned steel fabrication company. They have been a huge blessing to my life because I get to go to work and love it. I am your typical ‘Girl Friday’ – I am the friendly smile at the front desk, the sweet voice answering the phone, the HR and payroll guru and sunshine that lights up the office. I’m one of two women who work for the company so it’s like working with a bunch of big brothers!

To break it down for you, I created a list of things I like. If you don’t agree with all of them, well, that’s your problem. I am who I am and trust me, you’re not going to change it.

“You either like me or you don’t. It took me twenty-something years to learn how to love myself, I don’t have that kinda time to convince somebody else.”

― Daniel Franzese



If I had to make a list of the things I love and/or my hobbies, my list would be something like the following:

  • Books
  • Pen & Paper
  • Fairytales
  • The Walking Dead
  • Organization
  • Routines/Schedules
  • Mexican Food
  • Margaritas/Tequila
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Music (Listening….I can’t sing nor play!)
  • Movies/Netflix
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Baseball
  • Coffee


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