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LALA Yogurt Smoothies

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Yogurt is one of our go-to snacks after school, before heading out to a sports practice and a part of our breakfast at least twice per week but who has time for a spoonable yogurt these days? As a Mom, my first priority has been to make sure my boys are getting everything they need before heading out the door to get their day started. Unfortunately, that has lead me to forgetting one person – myself. I have been working on getting my health in order and wanted something to be quick and easy without sacrificing the taste to add to my daily routine. Discovering LALA Yogurt Smoothies has won the role as well as my tummy and taste buds!

LALA Yogurt Smoothies

The average commute time to work in the United States is 25.4 minutes according to the U.S. Census Bureau. My drive is slightly higher at 32 minutes; however, during the school year, I have to add about 10 minutes to that time because of the slower school zones and heavier, traffic in the mornings. On my commute, I have witnessed people applying make up and painting their nails (fingers & toes!) but more commonly, I see people consuming breakfast while they drive. I am notorious for being clumsy so I can imagine the humor from trying to eat yogurt while driving. LALA Yogurt Smoothies are a new part of my morning routine and have quickly earned the place of my favorite!

LALA Yogurt Smoothies in Purse

See how easy it is to toss a bottle in my purse? Once I hit the highway and set my cruise control for the bulk portion of my drive, I can grab the bottle to drink on my way to the office. I love being able to drink the nutrition I need and keep my car (and myself) clean, too! LALA Yogurt Smoothies are created using real fruit and no artificial flavors. The added bonus is that they are creamy and very filling for a belly that enjoys food with substance. When I leave the office, I head home and pull double-duty by being a mom as well as a blogger and writing on my newest novel. My days are frequently 16-18 hours worth of non-stop work so I need something to help fill in the gaps.

LALA Yogurt Smoothies Gym Bag

Who has time to stop, grab a spoon and eat yogurt in the traditional fashion? My boys are both active in baseball, football and 4-H so we are always on the run with a gym bag headed to a field of some sort. We grab a few pieces of fruit and we’re out the door but now we have LALA Yogurt Smoothies to add to our boys’ bags. I can feel confident that they are going to get a healthy boost rather than stuffing themselves full of snacks that are packed with sugar, salt, etc.

LALA Yogurt Smoothies

We received three flavors to try out including the Tropical Mango and Piña Colada Yogurt Smoothies as well as the Healthies Curb Wild Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie. The Tropical Mango will give your tongue a burst of tropical tang that awakens your senses and gives you a creamy texture that is easily drinkable. The Piña Colada will have you dreaming of a deserted island that offers the sweetness of coconut and a tangy flavor of pineapples.

Do you ever fall into the 2:00 p.m. slump? More often than not, a few hours after lunch, I feel tired, groggy and have cravings for the worst possible food choices. The Healthies Curb Wild Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie is the rescue that you’re looking for! The whole grains within the smoothie help curb those sweet/salty cravings, provides enough protein to give you the nourishment that you need, vitamins A & D and wraps both in the flavor of real strawberries. The fiber within is good for you and all of that goodness is contained within one little bottle.

Want to discover more flavors? Go to to find LALA Yogurt Smoothies near you and stop by the LALA Facebook page to learn more!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smooothies. The opinions and text are all mine.


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