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Celebrate Fall with a Boost to Your Immune System! #StayStrong #SmoothieKing

Celebrate Fall with a Boost to Your Immune System! #StayStrong #SmoothieKing
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Help Support Your Immune System

With Immune Builder Smoothies from Smoothie King!

Immune system alert — Fall is here and the season’s most-loved flavor is back – Pumpkin Spice! Prepare for whatever the season has to throw your way with an Immune Builder Smoothie from Smoothie King. With more than 300% of your daily vitamin C, plus iron and calcium, you’re prepared to face anything thrown your way!

Smoothie King Smoothies

Three Wellness Flavors for Your Immune System

Ever since we discovered Smoothie King, my boys and I make a special trip across town from Aidan’s orthodontist office to pick up a few smoothies. For Fall, three wellness blends will give your taste buds a special treat. The Immune Builder flavors include Pumpkin Spice, Orangeand Mixed Berry.


Pumpkin Spice is THE Ultimate Seasonal Flavor!

Smoothie King Pumpkin Spice Immune Booster

Okay, so let me confess a secret – I have rarely enjoyed any product that was “pumpkin spice flavored”. GASP!! I know, I know. I am a part of the minority. Give me a pumpkin pie any day but other products have left a bad aftertaste. Because it’s such a popular flavor for the Fall, I wanted to toss my inhibitions to the side, take one for the team, and give you my opinion.

When I pulled the lid from my cup, the smoothie blend inside of the cup looked a lot like pie filling. The ingredients include:  Organic Pumpkin, Carrots, Protein Blend, Dates, Nonfat Milk, Super Grains, Herbal Immune Enhancer, and Spice Blend. The flavor was smooth and although it was cold, a bit of a warming sensation came from the spice blend.

Unlike many other pumpkin spice products, this smoothie isn’t overwhelming with a hit-ya-in-the-face kind of punch. It’s more of a refined flavor that sneaks in layers of creamy flavor. It was well-blended and didn’t have a gritty texture. The employee recommended the Energy Boost Enhancer but since it was later in the day, I didn’t want to chance being awake all night.

Help Family + Friends #StayStrong

This Fall, help your family and friends #StayStrong by giving them a gift card to Smoothie King! They’ll FALL in love with the Immune Builder Smoothies as much as you will after one sip. Download the app to save money, earn free rewards, and get exclusive access to new products. Visit the Smoothie King website and use the search box at the top to find a location near you.

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